Leeds Festival Day One: What We Have Learned

Everyone who claimed that Arctic Monkeys were committing career hari kiri with ‘Humbug’ is a cloth-eared, naysaying fool. It won over even the drunk girls of West Yorkshire.

This is awesome.

The ladies of the picture desk couldn’t decide which one they would out of Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. They thought John Paul Jones was a bit old.

Hollyoakswatch As At 9.15pm on Friday: Rhys, Josh, Natty.

Helders and Cookie were the only ones out of Arctic Monkeys spotted in the liggy guest bit today.

Wicked whisper: Which indier-than-thou British band decided it would be fun to change the sign on Fightstar’s dressing room cabin to ‘Busted’. Lads!

When Leeds band Chickenhawk gave a shout out to Leeds legend and NME photographer Danny North, he got a bigger cheer than the band themselves.

Ian Brown looks better with his sunglasses on.

The Chapman Family have taken all the slow songs out of their set. They reckon they’re going to get a right bollocking from their management when they get to Reading. They don’t care.

It’s going to be jolly nice to have Rival Schools back in the world.

Even when the most exciting meetings of rock’n’roll minds this millennium has done a super secret surprise show, one press release from Noel Gallagher can upstage the whole bloody thing. Thanks, Noel!