Lionel Richie Already Has The Best Merchandise At Glastonbury 2015

As hard as it is choosing between which bands to go and see at a festival that boasts hundreds of performers, some decisions are even harder – like which bit of merch are you going to spend your spare £20 on.

Every year, some bands go the extra mile and get special edition T-shirts printed up. Last year, Metallica subverted the controversy around their headline set with a ‘Glastallica’ T-shirt which had a welly-wearing demon on the front and a selection of quotes and press clippings about their booking on the back, including one from Mogwai reading “Metallica… they’re just shite”.

Kasabian did their own too, but managed to get the date wrong. Speaking to NME, Tom Meighan brushed off the error: “At least we turned up on the right day, that’s the main thing.”

This year, one man has made has made the merch decision easy. The hot item on the stalls is surely this ingenious T-shirt for soul veteran Lionel Richie, bearing the legend “Hello, is it mud you’re looking for”. Lionel, you nailed it.

Richie is set to appear at the festival on Sunday in Glastonbury’s much talked about ‘legends slot’ previously filled by the likes of Paul Simon and Dolly Parton, who had the biggest Pyramid stage crowd of the whole of 2014’s event. With hits including ‘Endless Love’, ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ and ‘Say You Say Me’, Richie is sure to give Dolly a run for her money. And if Sunday’s weather forecast is to be believed, we won’t have to look far for the mud, either.