Little Dragon bring the colour to Bestival

The Swedish electro outfit were an exotic neon spectacle

Little Dragon delivered a Friday Castle Stage set at Bestival 2017 that set the bar for the weekend’s theme of ‘colour’.

Arriving onstage in a Shogun-style outfit and bright red shawl that glowed in the stage lights, singer Yukimi Nagano led the band into opener ‘Little Man’ before introducing the synth glam thump of ‘Shuffle A Dream’ with a cry of “make some noise if you feel good!”

“I’m seeing a lot of beautiful glittery faces out there,” she told the soggy crowd ahead of a bass-heavy ‘Push’ while her bandmate insisted “we don’t give a shit about the rain, we just keep on dancing”. The more downbeat and soulful ‘High’ proved a challenge for the rave element of the crowd but the dark disco pulses of ‘Strobe Light’ upped the pace, climaxing with Yukimi performing an elaborate veil dance to a dusky electro breakdown.

‘Sweet’ saw the set take a poppier turn, before reaching a danceable peak with the amorphous 80s synthpop of ‘Ritual Union’ and a final disco freak-out on ‘Klapp Klapp’.

Little Dragon played:

Little Man
Shuffle A Dream
Strobe Light
Ritual Union
Klapp Klapp