A guy lost his wallet at Reading Festival in 2003 and it started something beautiful

Somehow, one lost wallet led to an annual festival drinking competition

There’s nothing worse than losing your wallet anywhere, let alone a bloody music festival. Cash, your bank card, the only ID you had to purchase a £5 pint of warm beer, scattered amongst acres of mud, sweat, piss and tentpoles. There’s no point in finding its whereabouts. It’s a lost cause.

Tim Burrows went through this experience. He lost his wallet at Reading Festival 2003. 14 years later, the person who found his wallet has messaged him on Facebook. You might think that’s a tad late, that Tim’s probably moved on by this point, and you’d be right. But he was also informed that somehow, his mud-covered, hopelessly lost wallet spawned an incredible, annual drinking competition.

At Reading 2003, a £10 note found in Tim’s wallet was used to purchase a crate of cider, which led to a drinking competition that’s been repeated annually ever since. It has a name, too – ‘The Timothy Burrows Challenge’. See the Facebook message explaining the drinking contest in full below.

Tim is almost certain he’s the guy who lost his wallet at Reading, kickstarting The Timothy Burrows Challenge. He told Noisey “I am pretty certain it is me as I was always losing things back then, and lost my wallet at a Reading at least once.” Turns out he’s going for a drink with the recipient of his lost wallet this weekend. Who knows, maybe he’ll head back to Reading this year to uphold this annual tradition. It would only be fair.