Mac DeMarco’s Band Cover Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ – Watch

Accidents happen at festivals. Tents fall down, wellies get forgotten and, if you’re in a band, guitar strings get broken. That happened to Mac DeMarco at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival this weekend, leaving the rest of his band a couple of awkward moments to fill while their frontman repaired his instrument. Fortunately, behind his slacker exterior bassist Pierce McGarry is hiding one of the most beautiful voices in indie rock. Backed by guitarist Andy White – who’s looking more and more like Rik Mayall playing Lord Flashheart by the day – and drummer Joe McMurray, McGarry led the crowd in a surprisngly tender and heartfelt singalong cover of Coldplay’s breakthrough hit ‘Yellow’. Be warned – by the end there won’t be a dry eye in the house.