Melt Festival 2018: Who not to miss in the City Of Iron

The German weekender might be one of the most underrated festivals of the year

Held in the City Of Iron, Germany’s Melt Festival is an industrial paradise with a scenic lake view set off against huge coal-mining diggers. Couple that with their varied and brilliant line-up, and you’ve got a weekender that could low-key be one of the most underrated festivals of the year. Here’s what you need to know about Melt 2018.


When: July 13-15.
Where: Ferropolis, Germany – two hours outside of Berlin.
Tickets: €149 for a weekend pass, or €69 per day on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re going with four mates, you can get enough weekend tickets for all of you for €479 – that’s only €119.75 each. Get tickets here.
How to get there: Fly to either Berlin or Leipzig and get the train to either Gräfenhainichen, Wittenberg or Dessau. Shuttle buses run from those stations directly to the festival.