Morning Parade Meet Their Heroes At Ibiza Rocks

If someone offered me the chance to fly to a gorgeous island to support my childhood heroes on stage, then I’d pretty much consider my life accomplished. Unfortunately, I’m not very musically inclined, so I doubt I’ll be warming up the crowd for The Backstreet Boys any time soon.

But for five lads from Essex, that’s pretty much the life they’re currently living. They recently traveled to sunny Spain to play support slots for Biffy Clyro (a band that essentially inspired them to create music) at Mallorca Rocks and Ibiza Rocks.

“They’re one of the reasons I wanted to be in a band,” frontman Steve Sparrow of Morning Parade tells me. “I saw them live in a small venue when I was 15. I fell in love with them then, and I’ve been watching their career progress. It’s great to see that their ethos has paid off, and they’ve worked really hard. They’re definitely one of the best live bands around.”

If you’ve never heard of Morning Parade, then take note of them now. While they’ve yet to release their debut album (even though they’ve been working as a band for nearly four years), they’ve certainly been making the rounds (supporting the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars and The Wombats) to now earn their place aside Biffy.

“We’ve kind of been a band in transition. I think we’re in an ever-going identity crisis,” says Steve. “I think we developed quite publicly in front of everybody, which is kind of odd these days. Not a lot of bands get the opportunity to develop any more. Nowadays, if your first album doesn’t go well, then you don’t often get a second in the same deal. So for us, it’s been a public development. We’ve changed quite a lot.”

The band were scared of being pigeon-holed as an “indie-dance rock band”, but working with producer David Kosten on the forthcoming still-untitled debut album has really changed the way they’ve approached their music, inspiring them to try new ways of writing and creating their songs.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. They’re not just about cracking down in the studio. They’ll be the first to admit that they like to party, and their night out in Ibiza ranks as one of their craziest nights yet. “All I can say about the after party is that we ended up at Club Tropicana, drinks were free, there was a stuffed fox, and Freddie Mercury popped up. It could only happen in Ibiza,” Steve shares.

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