Mr Hudson’s SXSW Diary – Onstage With Kanye West – The Build-Up

Mr Hudson recently signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music label. The pair are set to appear onstage together at SXSW. This is Mr Hudson’s blog from the event.

So after eight hours in the air, and a four-hour delay in Washington waiting for a connecting flight, we finally land in Texas. We head straight to the venue for soundcheck with Kanye’s band.

We’re performing at the Fader Fort, a big stage in a huge marquee, away from the rest of the other venues at SXSW. It’s my first time at SXSW, and within 20 minutes of touching down on the runway, I’m on stage doing a soundcheck.

At first I was told that I would have to perform to instrumentals, then I was told that Kanye’s band were going to perform my music. I’m performing two tracks tonight, ‘There Will Be Tears’ and ‘Anyone But Him’.

Now this is where it gets a little tricky, I recorded ‘Anyone But Him’ with Kanye West in London two weeks ago. Although he features on the track, I don’t think he has heard the finished version yet, and we haven’t talked since then.

He lands tomorrow, but we are about to perform it at live at SXSW, and live across the world via Kyte TV. That’s a little bit of pressure right?

Kanye’s band can play! It’s weird to sing with people doing a cover of your songs. It could have been a karaoke nightmare but they smashed it.

This is Tony Williams (Kanye’s cousin) and Joi Campbell. They’re going to be doing additional vocals for me while I’m on stage. They’ve already performed ‘There Will Be Tears’ when we did the Glow In The Dark tour in the UK.

I watched Kid Cudi rehearse his set, and he performed his future hit ‘Sky May Fall’. He wants me to sing the chorus for him. Crazy, right?