Mud, Fire, and Little Boots – Six Things We Learned At Glastonbury Today

Words by Luke Lewis and Dan Martin

1. Joe Strummer? Pah – Andrew Marr is the new Glastonbury stalwart
He’s here every yeah, is Marr, scowling at the mud and fending off NME’s interview requests with a frankly terrifying froideur. Other lacklustre sleb spots so far this weekend: The Wire’s Jimmy McNulty, Irvine Welsh (who was bravely uncharitable about Michael Jackson), Dick and Dom, and tubby TV astrologist Russell Grant.

2. Jack Penate’s Balearic-tinged new album doesn’t sound as good in a muddy field
‘Everything Is New’ is really good, everyone knows that. And yet somehow, in that early evening deadzone where no-one is quite drunk enough yet, Penate’s John Peel Stage set never quite took off. It should have been sun-drenched and ecstatic. Instead it was… adequate.

3. Shooting fire from your breasts is a good way to get people’s attention
No, not Fairport Convention on the Acoustic Stage – it was Lady GaGa who found this novel way to singe the eyebrows of the front row, prompting the rather fine NME.COM headline: LADY GAGA SPITS FIRE FROM HER BREASTS AT GLASTONBURY. That’s a sentence we’ve been waiting a long time to write – although, as an attention-grabber, it’s not quite as potent as this gem from MTV.

4. Face it: it’s not about the quality of the performance, it’s about whether the sun is shining
Sure, Lily Allen’s set was well-attended and euphoric – but surely that had more to do with the energising effect of the sun coming out after a day of drizzle than the grandstanding brilliance of Lily’s performance. Frankly, in the glitzy pop star stakes, Little Boots showed her up something rotten.

5. Cover versions: they can go either way
The Streets capturing the public mood with a fist –pumping cover of ‘Billie Jean’? Hell yes. White Lies doing ‘Dancing In The Dark’? Not so much.

6. Little Boots turns out to actually be bloody amazing live
Be gone, premature blog backlashers; Victoria Hesketh played a ridiculously badass show at John Peel earlier on, and it can be no coincidence that the sun stayed out the rest of the day. Worlds away from the phoned-in Ting Tings personal appearance, she turns out to be a thrillingly likeable, excitable performer, filling with life what could have come across as hollow backing tracks with a badass wall of bass. ‘Remedy’ is already looking like a summer anthem, but the greatest of them all is ‘Mathematics’. It’s sad that Michael Jackson is dead, but life goes on…