Muse At Leeds Festival 2011 – Review

Muse bring ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ to Leeds Festival – full gig report and setlist

Who: Muse

Where And When: Friday, Main Stage


Vibe: Matt Bellamy likened this run-through of ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ to “drawing a line under one phase of our career”. But despite his sparkly red guitar (not to mention his even sparklier jacket), the lasers, the fireworks and smoke machine, it underwhelmed slightly. Thank goodness for the post-album run through of the hits.

Best bit: ‘Feeling Good’. A signal that ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ was coming to a close and that we were zoning in close to the run of classics (‘Supermassive Black Hole’, ‘Knights Of Cydonia’,’Hysteria’).

Low point: Post-‘Plug In Baby’, we delved into the middle section of the album and it felt that we were there for a bit too long.

Banter: Minimal. There was an opening “WUUUGLOOOOOOO!” (we think it was “hello!” but can’t be sure) from Matt Bellamy. Then he stated: “We’re playing the whole fucking thing, we’ve never done that before.”

Verdict: Playing the whole of the album felt a bit much but things really got going when they opened up a can of megahits on the crowd.

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