NME’s Ultimate Glastonbury 2016 Quiz

We’ll admit it, our head is still a little fuzzy from Glastonbury weekend. Perhaps it’s a combination of the exhaustive mud, endless Brothers cider and the brain-rattling noise coming from Bring Me The Horizon on The Other Stage. We’ll never really know.

Those who converged on Worthy Farm though will know that it was another example of family Eavis effortlessly flexing their muscles, as they put on a triumphant edition of the world’s greatest festivals. And those who covered every corner of the farm will need no help with our ultimate Glasto ‘16 quiz, however if you’ve got a few dark hours in your memory this quiz will also help jog bits of your memory. There are questions about Adele’s mammoth headline slot and of course, the mud but if you fully experienced the whole festival, this should be a doddle for you.

If you want a quick bit of revision, check out our gallery detailing the entire Glastonbury story from start to finish. But you don’t need that, right?