Oasis, Amy Winehouse And The Ashes – Those V Festival Rumours In Full

It’s not a real music festival unless there are loud bands, pricey booze and some tasty festival rumours. And this year’s V Festival is no exception.

First up at the Chelmsford site yesterday (August 22) we had a spot of guess the grime guest.

“Tinchy Stryder is getting N-Dubz on for ‘Number 1’” said one, “N-Dubz are getting Stryder onstage when they play ‘Number 1’” said another. In the end neither showed for the other’s slot, despite both playing the Arena stage with only Asher Roth sandwiched between them.

Then there was Amy Winehouse bingo.

The singer was going to sing with Happy Mondays and Pete Doherty would be joining them too! Turns out the Madchester boys had to go empty-handed as Amy surprised everyone by joining The Specials on the V Stage, before hanging around like a Babyshambles Bez when Pete played his own headlining slot.


Shaun Ryder and not Amy Winehouse

So far, so unremarkable. However, what has marked out this year’s V Fest is that two of the biggest whispers going around the site have, shock horror, been true!

Firstly, there were plenty of furrowed monobrows this morning (August 23) when it was first whispered that Oasis had a sick note.

We first heard via someone who knew someone who knows MGMT’s drum tech’s cousin’s dog (I think that was the source), so really, what chance of a Gallagher cancellation?

Well a few strategically placed calls and texts later, and, er, we discovered that Oasis had indeed dropped the first date of their year-long world tour. Doh!

Fortunately the latest rumour of the day was much more pleasing.

Whisper it, but England have beaten Australia in the cricket. Friends were texted, Twitters were checked, ball-by-ball blogs consulted and that’s no rumour baby: the Ashes are ours – Jet, your boys took one hell of a beating!


Freddie Flintoff – didn’t he do well?

So now let’s start the final rumour of V Festival 2009 right here.

It goes a bit like this: Freddie, Harmy, Swanny, Lord Brocket and co are going to shoot up from The Oval and parade the Ashes on the V Stage. Go on, if you’re reading it at home and have mates at V, text them.

Who knows, this year it seems rumours have a habit of coming true…