Oasis At V – Your Reaction

After all the Twitter spats, unwieldy power failures and now Liam’s bout of untimely illness, uncertainty will undoubtedly hang over Oasis’ future yet again after their withdrawal from V Chelmsford.

But if their appearance at the Stafforshire leg is to be their final gig – as ‘The Sun’ are claiming (even though, we should point out, the band do have further European dates booked) – it was a worthy, emotional swansong.

Verbal exchanges between Liam and the beer-drenched masses were kept to a minimum but for the iconic frontman’s closing ‘biblical’ tribute to the crowd before a blistering ‘I Am The Walrus’.

Every time Liam snarled up to the mic, he looked as if he was gonna chew it off and spit out the pieces over the front row. Anyone would have thought Tom Chaplin had tried to piss on his shoes backstage, such was the raw-voiced venom that went into ‘Rock N Roll Star’, ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ and a momentous’Roll With It’.

There were no unwieldy hitches like the ones that hampered their summer shows, either. As they threw out ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’, grown men hugged and launched their pints in unison, while ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Half The World Away’ were greeted by the crowd like old friends.

Predictably, ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ provided the spine-tingling festival ‘moments’, as Noel was left with no choice but to let the crowd to do the singing for him.

Oasis’ future may be unwritten – but their past, at least, still has the power to unite festival crowds in communal, full-throated joy.

What did you think of Oasis’ V Staffordshire performance? Or if you went to Chelmsford – were you angry they cancelled? Post your reaction below.