Paramore At Leeds Festival 2010 – Review

Who: Paramore

Where and when: Main stage, Leeds, 8.05pm.


Vibe: The crowd was a mixture of emo kids, teenage boys hoping to get a glimpse of the one and only Hayley Williams, people who like that ‘Airplanes’ song and festival punters hoping to get to the front for Blink 182. The set was pretty impressive, all the big songs and a big stage show.

Best bit: Hit ‘Misery Business’.

Low point: It would have been nice to actually hear Hayley Williams during ‘Misery Business’, rather than the girls behind us screaming the lyrics.

Banter: Before hit ‘Brick By Boring Brick’, Williams singled out one fan in the crowd. “I’m going to ask you one more time and I want an honest answer, Leeds, have you had a good time?” she asked the audience. When the crowd cheered Williams replied, “Thank you everyone, especially you in the polo, very handsome.”
We couldn’t see him but if he was like the hundreds of young male fans who barged past us to get near Hayley, we’re pretty sure it made his year.

Verdict: Miss Hayley Williams and co put on a great show on a day that saw the likes of Weezer, Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill and Blink 182 play the Main Stage. The idea of this line-up left us feeling like we were 14 again so we were more than ready to listen to a bit of shouty pop punk from Paramore.

Rating: 07/10

Watch the BBC’s footage of Paramore over the weekend here:

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