Plan B At Glastonbury – Review

Who: Plan B
Where and when: Pyramid Stage, Sunday
Vibe: Put it this way, if a large pharmaceutical could bottle and distribute the effect of Pilton around 7pm when the sun’s out and someone this popular is playing, they’d make their next billion.

Plan B

Best bit: The first jam was kicked out the door with ‘Prayin”, which went heavy metal, reggae and thrash at various points, but the biggies kept coming – ‘The Recluse’ in particular. That Paolo Nutini cover (no, really) and the retro megamix – featuring a version of ‘Stand By Me’ with beatbox dubstep breakdown followed by Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ and an Eminem rap – were also highlights.
Low point: If we were splitting hairs, it took a couple of tracks for the sound man to adjust the mic settings, and Plan B didn’t dare look out at the sizeable crowd for the first ten minutes.

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Banter: One of the great things about Glasto is that the gig means as much to the performers as the punters. Most sets over the weekend were filled with reminisces from the stars. Ben: “I broke in here in 2000, now I’m back on the stage” he told us at one point.
Verdict: If anyone had any doubt over Plan B’s current reign over the UK, they were dispelled tonight.

Rating: 8/10

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