Proposals, Cricket And Dance Breaks: How People Are Making The Best Of The #GlastonburyTraffic

Glastonbury: the best festival in the world, where the weather is a lottery and the music never ends. It’s also been an absolute pain in the arse to get to overnight (Tuesday 21-Wednesday 22), as thousands of people went early to get their tents pitched on the site at Worthy Farm in Somerset – only to be met with a bottleneck at the site’s entrances, which rainy weather has turned into congestion points.

But taking 11.5 hours to travel three miles isn’t all bad: it allows the general population to show off their many and considerable merits: either making the best of a bad situation, or wallowing, abject, in their glorious self-pity. Take a look, and enjoy our playlist below while you sit in the queue…

One of the best reactions has been from this group, who got their cricket bats out and had a game of what looks like Kwik cricket.

James, by contrast, gave into the trauma of the experience.

What if it’s raining? Make your own ‘fun’ with the car manual. Yeah.

But what if you run out of food? How do you stay positive?

Well, how you stay positive is by accepting the kindness of strangers. We hate to say it – but this is just a little bit heartwarming.

Optimism is key to a long wait

See the positives in the little things

If you’re like Bernard Black, you can focus on the negatives instead, for the lols.

Desperate times: desperate measures

And actually, there’s nothing like a traffic jam to make you do something spontaneous

There is no need for this kind of smugness…

…because people in the queue have learnt something: the value of patience.

And anyway, it could be worse…

…so why not just dance while you wait?

Or, like the cast of Shitfaced Shakespeare, if you’re not driving there’s always the option of getting plastered instead.