Radiohead At Glastonbury 2011 – Review

Who: Radiohead

Where and when: The Park Stage, Friday

Vibe: The least secret secret gig of the weekend. So un-secret it was announced by The Sun and confirmed by the band hours before the event. Even the sleeping guy in the Rabbit Hole knew about it.

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Best bit: The strobes lighting up the drizzle during ’15 Step’ as the realisation we were actually witnessing this set in, and hearing ‘Staircase’ for the first time. It featured, as did most of the set, second drummer Clive Deamer. Well, that and ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’, obvs.

Low point: Let’s face it, ‘The King Of Limbs’ (or much of Radiohead’s latterday output) doesn’t lend itself to listening from a distance. While a big Mumford song can be enjoyed, and joined in with, from the top of the hill miles from the speakers, you need to be within the intended range (ie by the mixing desk) to fully appreciate ‘Morning Mr Magpie”s nuances.

Banter: Thom is feeling verbose. “All…right? Thanks for coming, we’re called Radiohead. We’re going to try and play some of ‘King Of Limbs’. So sing along and help us out alright?” at the start. “It’s going to brighten up tomorrow. Get a good night’s sleep then you can enjoy yourselves” later on. Then something about U2. Or it might have been “Steve, get me a beer”. We were a long way away. Voices were getting intermingled.

Verdict: It wasn’t quite last year’s spectacle of Thom doing ‘Karma Police’ at sunset, but it wasn’t far off.

Rating: 7/10

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