Reading And Leeds ’09 – Free A Wilhelm Scream MP3

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So we’ve all spent the last couple of days debating just which band on the Lock Up is best, but a couple of the comments on the last blog made me realise we can all agree on one thing: A Wilhelm Scream are pretty much one of the most exciting bands of the entire festival. And there’s a very rare free tune of theirs to download below…oh, and did I mention they’re currently recording a brand new EP and album? Aceness.

a wilhelm scream

Hopefully I’ll be getting a bunch more AWS stuff for you guys in the near future – plus I can confirm they’ll definitely be playing some small shows around the time of Reading and Leeds so that’ll be awesome. If you haven’t heard them yet you’re in for a treat, a firestorm of guitar riffs and licks so enervating they’ll make you think you can walk through walls. And live they slay; I’ve only ever seen them in smallish venues so to watch them rip the shit out of the Lock Up will be a joy to behold.

‘Route 40 One Six’ is a track from the Japanese version of their last album, 2007’s stunning ‘Career Suicide’ They’ve had it up for streaming on their MySpace page but that’s about to be taken down – good thing it’s going to be available right here until, well, the internet crumbles and we’re forced to use pens and paper again. And it’s ace.

So, you AWS newbies – welcome to the best club in the world. What did you think of the tune? And, all your AWS old-schoolers, what album should they check out first? ‘Mute Print’? The epic ‘Ruiner’? The most recent – but arguably most impressive – ‘Career Suicide’? Or how about slipping back in time to ‘Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud’…or way back to the era when AWS were Smackin’ Isiah? Make your call, people, make your call…

Download A Wilhelm Scream‘s ‘Route 40 One Six’ here

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