Reading and Leeds: What Were Your Highlights?

NME’s Leonie Cooper dries her eyes and asks, “What was your Reading or Leeds Festival high point in 2009?”

Blub. Reading and Leeds is over for another year, but at least we still have the memories… and that lingering smell which seems to be wafting menacingly towards us from our still unpacked backpack. But the less said of that the better.

Here’s a few Reading and Leeds highlights from us here in the NME office – let us know your own personal “oh-my-god-that-was-frickin’-amazing!” moments from the festival by leaving your comments at the end.

Emily Mackay
“Getting a big sweaty hug from Beth Ditto shortly after dancing onstage to ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ during the Gossips’ Reading headline set. She then mocked me for drinking whisky straight out of the bottle. What?! I’m a classy bird.”

Alan Woodhouse
“Turning up on Sunday evening to see Radiohead, and see them open with ‘Creep’. The rest of the set was virtually inaudible, but still…”

Dan Martin
“It has to be the last-ever UK show from the incredible Faith No More. Far more than nostalgia for my teenage years, there’s no more maverick genius, or brilliant voice in rock than Mike Patton. Only he could diss the city of Leeds and still get an ecstatic response. What a way to finish, we’re not worthy.”

Matt Wilkinson
“Watching Beth Ditto cause havoc by spending more time in the crowd than on stage during Gossip’s headline performance on the NME/Radio 1 Stage on Saturday night. Seeing Rupert Grint try to blend in with the crowd by, er, wearing a gas mask.”

Jamie Fullerton
“Black Lips’ Leeds stage invasion – not that I managed to pluck up enough energy to clamber on the Festival Republic stage myself, but watching it was a better perker-upper after 24 hours with no sleep than any caffeinated drink. One of the best sets of the weekend musically too.”

David Moynihan
“Faith No More decimated the NME/Radio 1 Stage in Reading on Friday with their incredible show. Friendly Fires and Florence were a joy to behold as ever too. So all in all, had Reading been on Sesame Street, the letter of the day would have been ‘F’.”

Leonie Cooper
“Thousands upon thousands of grinning people hollering a pitch perfect – well, almost pitch perfect – Back In The Game back at Jamie T in the packed NME/Radio 1 tent. Pretty much magical.”

Paul Stokes
“Florence And The Machine stole Reading Festival. Euphoric, charming and the moment Flo climbed up the stage rigging in those high heels was a festival classic. It was her birthday too and it proved the perfect celebration. Also Friendly Fires, Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit (when did they get that good?) all tore it up, getting the massive crowds at their sets to bouncing around like mentalist ravers.”

Rob Howard
“Them Crooked Vultures – and not just for the novelty factor of Dave Grohl playing drums again. Faith No More – covering the Eastenders Theme tune and The Bronx and Rival Schools in the Lock Up Tent made it the place to be early on Saturday evening at Reading.”

So we’ve shown you ours, now you show us yours. Spill the beans on your Reading and Leeds highlights below!