So long, Secret Garden Party – all the pictures from the party to end all parties

The final Secret Garden Party was a visual delight - from Peaches' dancing vaginas to the firework-spewing skywriting planes. Here's the most dazzling pics from the Party to end all parties.

The annual paint fight came with added paint fireworks. Display planes drew hearts in the sky over the main stage and an array of acts almost as colourful as the crowd paraded across the main stage over three days of hedonistic mayhem. This was the last ever Secret Garden Party, and it certainly went out with a bang. Here are the best pictures from the boutique festival that spent fifteen years making your wildest acid trips look like I, Daniel Blake…

The Gardeners’ last hurrah

With Head Gardener Fred Fellowes declaring that 2017 would be the last ever Secret Garden Party, 26,000 barely-dressed revellers descended on Abbots Ripton to give it the glitter-titted send-off it deserved.

The spectacle

The outlandish performers were out in force, from fire breathering cheerleaders to dancing Buddhas and penises in the Spiritual Playground tent.

Peaches’ vaginas

Peaches got into the spirit, arriving with two dancers dressed as vaginas and wearing her own vagina hat. Rumour that Katy Perry’s left shark had turned to porn were unconfirmed at time of going to internet.


Wild Beasts

As Peaches ended her set with a bout of no-holds-barred simulated dancer sex, it fell to Wild Beasts to follow it with their falsetto synth rock. Tough slot…

Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters brought the garden onstage for their party-heavy Friday headline set, involving a hand-holding ceremony designed to unite the festival.

The mud

Of course, the way you unite SGP is to wait for it to bucket down on the Saturday, then dig a naked mud pit. SGP will do the rest.

Jagwar Ma’s sky-writers

For the festival’s bow out, no stops were left unpulled. Jagwar Ma arrived to the Jurassic Park theme for their beat-frazzled Saturday night set, which was slightly upstaged by the display planes shooting fireworks overhead.



And Metronomy’s cranktronic headline set followed the most gawp-worthy firework display in the festival’s history, featuring an entire wooden mansion in the middle of the lake blowing up to the tune of Talking Heads’ ‘Burning Down The House’.

The mansion fire

As the mansion burnt to dust, a glowing heart of fire emerged in the remains.

The robotic ravers

Despite the downpours, the Party raved on through Sunday in a blitz of neon colour.

Toots brings the curtain down

Toots & The Maytals brought the festival to a close with reggae classics ‘Pressure Drop’ and ‘Never Get Weary’. To those still there refusing to let the Secret Garden Party die, we salute you…