Should Oasis Headline Glastonbury 2014? NME Writers Battle It Out

The mud on our wellies barely dries each year before the rumour mill around Glastonbury headliners for the following festival ramps up. Prince for 2014? Arcade Fire? Daft Punk? These are a few of the big names flying around. One contender is Oasis whose odds were mysteriously slashed this week. The Gallagher-fronted band were previously 16/1 to headline the Pyramid Stage next year but the odds dropped to 9/1 following a rush of bets.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “We’ve seen a lot of money being placed on Noel and Liam burying the hatchet, reforming, and rocking Glastonbury – it’s enough to make anyone think there could be an expensive divorce or paternity claim just around the corner.”



Would Oasis reforming to headline Glastonbury next year be a huge mistake? Or sublime intervention? Here, NME writers Dan Stubbs and Jamie Fullerton battle it out. Tell us where you stand in the comments.

Jamie Fullerton’s way up for it

Firstly, let’s stop talking about the “possibility” of an Oasis reunion – if The Stone Roses reformed (and they did, you may have noticed if you’ve read NME much in the last couple of years), Oasis will. So will The Smiths, but that’s another blog entirely.

I’d bet my last bottle of lukewarm pear cider that Emily Eavis already sounded out Liam about Glastonbury 2014, after Beady Eye played a secret show at the festival last June. So why the Pyramid for the inevitable return? Firstly, because of the fact that they last headlined in 2004: that’s the kind of poetic anniversary us music hacks get very excited about. Secondly, the amusing fact that Liam once said, “I fucking hate Glastonbury, I’m only here for the money”. Before returning this year for the aforementioned gig (11:30am secret shows don’t really pay that well, I imagine…)

But thirdly, and most importantly, because in the dark recess of a wardrobe somewhere in Primrose Hill the coat that Liam wore for the ’04 slot is waiting dormant. Just look at it (see above). A coat like that must not remain in a closet. See if it still fits, Liam…


But Dan Stubbs ain’t convinced

I’m not going to say an Oasis reunion wouldn’t be a good thing, I just don’t think it’s a good thing for now. Oasis only split four years ago. Noel has put one solo album out. Liam has yet to properly find his feet with Beady Eye. The longer you leave it, the more impact the reunion has – look at The Stone Roses for proof.

There’s scope for some brilliant Glastonbury headliners next year without dredging something up for nostalgia’s sake: I, for one, am putting my money on Daft Punk.

And besides, when it comes to Glastonbury, Oasis have been there, done that and slagged it off. Liam memorably called Glastonbury a “shithole”, only to change his mind after rasping through a ‘surprise’ opening slot on The Other Stage this year. If Oasis return, they should do it properly and make a return to Knebworth, scene of their triumphant 1996 shows. Do it on the 20th anniversary in 2016, it’ll be brilliant

Over to you.

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