Snowbombing day 3: Gorgon City, Arctic Disco, Peggy Gou, and Rachel Foxx

Gorgon City, rising star Peggy Gou and newcomer Rachel Foxx impress on day 3 of Snowbombing – with Jasper James and Eats Everything playing at a sold-out igloo rave

Gorgon City deliver at 2am show

Gorgon City smashed their 2am set at The Racket Club, Snowbombing’s subterranean 2,000 venue, last night – complete with mad lighting effects and several nods to Greco-Roman culture. The electronic duo from north London stepped up, with their usual energy, to pump out their bass-driven house music to the dedicated audience. The pair’s set was lasers galore, combined with multiple references to their apparent love of Classicism blared out on the screens, including the head of the gorgon Medusa, which featured on the cover of their debut album ‘Sirens’,  and Ionic columns.

Gorgon City at Snowbombing

Up-and-coming Peggy Gou steals the show at Brück’n Stadl

Berlin-based rising star Peggy Gou played to a packed out crowd at Brück’n Stadl, notorious for its late night raves, for Mixmag’s Allstars party. The South Korean artist delivered a high-quality DJ set within the wooden hut, with broken beats and pulsing basslines. Gou is doing well to carve out a name for herself in an incredibly male-dominate electronic dance music industry, and deserves a place higher up on festival billings. The Brück’n Stadl is also the focus of Smirnoff Equalising Music’s campaign, which aims to increase gender parity in electronic dance music. With Snowbombing’s line-up being overly man-heavy this year – including  three all-male headliners – Gou, undoubtedly a talent in her own right, is a welcome female face on the festival’s programme. 

Peggy Gou at Snowbombing

Jasper James and Eats Everything DJ at the Arctic Disco

Glaswegian Jasper James and Bristol’s Eats Everything headed up to the Arctic Disco to DJ back-to-back in an actual igloo at 6,000ft. The sold-out mini rave to 300 lucky punters was perhaps not as idyllic as the Instagram posts suggest, with many dancing to keep warm (so, so cold), the igloo dripping as it slowly melted, and several foul odours wafting around the icy cave at regular intervals. Still, these foibles didn’t stop the DJs, both clearly enjoying themselves, from playing banging sets.

Eats Everything and Jasper James at Snowbombing

Rachel Foxx

In the underworld of The Arena, 21-year old Rachel Foxx did her best to captivate a rowdy (and very drunk) audience during her 1:15am set, with her deep, smokey vocals and ad-lib dancing. The singer from Hackney, East London, recently released ‘Mistress’, featuring MC Don-E, which is the first song from upcoming EP ‘Flame’, and looks set to break-out on the UK’s R&B scene. Foxx, too, said what was on every woman’s mind at this year’s Snowbombing: “Where’s the girls at, man? It’s all boys.”