South By Southwest 2009 – Beef, Beards And Buckfast

SXSW IS HERE AGAIN! And well, I’m a bit excited. I’ve got this ‘ere blog, plus I’ll be doing pics for the main photo gallery, so be sure to check that out tomorrow and every other day until this sweat fest of meat and music is over.

Americans are obsessed with BEEF. In the Delta Air book on the plane I must have counted 6 full page adds for juicy steaks. I’ve not had one yet, but if I do I’ll let you know how it went down. Right now all I’ve eaten for 2 days is pizza, I reckon by the end of the week my turds will be triangle shaped.

I digress.

Blimey it’s warm here, and like a typical English knob, I currently look kinda pink.

Just caught Rollo Tomassi in a little fringe event gig 2 miles out, on form as usual. I bumped into Jarvis looking dapper, as usual. And I’ve spotted TONS of beards. As usual.

In fact, so many beards is there within this fair city, that I’ve decided to do a beard blog.

Pictures are gonna come shortly, but for now I have to nip off and shoot Gallows over at Emo’s, Late of the Pier at La Zona Rosa, and Glasvegas somewhere I can’t remember. Do you reckon they brought Buckfast with them to Texas? I’ll let you know.