Stormzy Defends Kanye West Glastonbury Booking: ‘A Lot Of People Are Stuck In The Past’

Stormzy is a UK grime MC. He appeared alongside Kanye to play ‘All Day’ At the Brits 2015 alongside Skepta, BBK, Novelist and others. Kanye announced his headline slot at Glastonbury 2015 last night (March 16) to mixed reaction including a petition. Here, Stormzy weighs in on the divisive booking

Kanye headlining Glastonbury is a sick booking. He’s not your usual headliner but with everything that’s going on with him at the moment, this is the right time.

Unless it’s going to be your Coldplays or your Arctic Monkeys, the headline slot is always going to be controversial. It’s a festival that has a lot of history and it’s more associated with a certain type of music, so anything that strays away from that is going to cause issues. A lot of people are stuck in the past.

But if festivals don’t make changes now, when they try and do it later it’ll be more difficult. Kanye’s booking makes it easier for another rap, R&B or hip-hop act to headline Glastonbury in the future.

It’ll be similar to the Jay Z thing back in 2008. When it was announced, everyone was skeptical but when it happened, everyone thought it was sick. I think Kanye will be a proper popular show. A good show is a good show, good music is good music.

Kanye’s character and persona rub people up the wrong way because he speaks what’s on his mind. He says it as it is. He doesn’t play up to the whole professionalism thing where you can’t say certain things; you have to act a certain way. Whatever comes out, comes out.

That’s how people are normally, but celebrities in the limelight are expected to act in a different way. We’re human – we have outbursts, crazy things, mad opinions and mad views but celebrities are expected to shut up about it. Everyone has their rants.

People say they’re unhappy about the booking because of Kanye’s ego but rock stars of the stereotype that normally headline Glastonbury are probably the most egotistical people there are. Rock stars are all sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop artists who are close second to that. There’s one rule for Kanye and one rule for everyone else but he still doesn’t care and just does his thing.

I don’t think I’ll be on stage with him this time. The Brits were a one-off. Last time was impromptu and spur of the moment and he’s done the grime thing now. I don’t think he should stretch that. He’s sick enough and intelligent enough to do things at the right time. Culturally it made sense to bring us on stage at the Brits.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he brought Paul McCartney on stage. It would make a lot of sense. And everyone will forget all the shit they were chatting before.