Sunday At Bestival 2011 – 5 Things To Do

It’s the last day of Bestival, which means the end of festival season, and the end of summer… sigh. Well let’s make it the best day yet then. With Bjork headlining, that’s not exactly going to be hard, but here are five things you should do today as well as watching some ace bands.


1. Have a Classic Album Sunday

After its beginnings in London, Classic Album Sundays has spread to the festival circuit, and will be held in the Cinema Room at Bestival today. Sit back, relax and listen to a legendary record, undisturbed and surrounded by fellow fans. A great way to nurse that hangover and be cultural, all at the same time.


2. Crazy golf

On the “best crazy golf course in the country” according to the festival organisers. Need we say more?

3. Go to the Tarot Village

Head to the Robin Hill Duckdown model village to experience dark, mysterious goings on and speaking tarot cards. The Village Fool will be on hand to deal you with your fate, then off you go on your journey of discovery. Brought to you by Olivier award winner Marisa Carnesky – expect some spectacularly spooky happenings…

4. Grab a free brew

There are few words that bring us more joy in the good old United Kingdom than “free tea”. Maybe “extra bank holiday”, but “free tea” comes a close second. “What must we do for this free tea?” I hear you cry. Well, not much actually. When you ‘create’ rubbish over the weekend, simply put it in a bin bag rather than on the floor. When the bag is full, swap it at your nearest campsite hub for a brew.

5. Bring the weekend to a close in style with the finale parade

After watching Bjork’s headline set, the fun isn’t over. Head to the Magic Meadow for a glowing night time parade and fireworks, the perfect end to the Bestival fun for another year.


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