Flagtastic! The finest stuff on sticks seen at Glastonbury 2017… so far

Let's go fly a flag.

Flags at Glastonbury have been famously divisive. Some say that the huge poles, big designs and more make it nigh on impossible to see anything if you’re not right down in the thick of it. On the other hand, people are dead into the idea. They say it elevates the vibe, and the creativity seen and the repping of many’s hometowns make it incredibly worth it. Plus it’s a good marker if you lose your pals.

We’re totally into it, and it seems that each year we’re treated to some more hilarious designs. Last year had the ‘Gary Linekar shags crisps’ banner – which even prompted a denial from the footballer; “There was a big banner at Glastonbury once saying, ‘Gary Lineker shags crisps’,” he said. “But I honestly don’t.” Linekar added: “I think they’d just crumble anyway!”

And in 2017, it seems like everyone has fully upped their game with this year having a more political edge.

This one went for a classic, but perhaps overused joke

One paid tribute to the late, great David Bowie

One wasn’t such a fan of Radiohead

Rik Mayall also lives on via the medium of flags

Obviously Donald Trump got a bit of a ribbing

But Corbyn, who’s already winning the weekend, is a big favourite

Though it’s this one that’s currently winning the flag sweepstakes