The Great Escape 2010 – Best Bits

I’m still recovering from last weekend’s Great Escape festival in Brighton, and although you can read the full, definitive review in next week’s NME, I thought I’d share are a few videos and shots I got from the weekend.

That’s Warpaint above. They’re soundchecking, rather than playing to an empty venue (honest) at the NME Radar-curated night at Horatio’s.

As it happened, they totally packed the place out and played a blinder. Afterwards three fans said how gutted they were the band didn’t have time to play their song ‘Billie Holiday’, so bassist Jenny frogmarched a load of us outside, where they proceeded to do this:

Amazing innit?

Here’s the view from the lighting desk at The Big Pink’s Digital show on the Saturday afternoon:

I couldn’t get it on camera unfortunately, but there was a massive red button on the lighting man’s computer screen to the right of me that said “SEXY LIGHTS”. Sadly he never pushed it, so we can only imagine what it might have entailed.

And here are Avi Buffalo playing Uncut’s stage at the Pavilion Theatre. Lot of chin-stroking going on in the audience for that one, but they were still great.

Wilder, from Bristol, toured with Julian Casablancas last year, and in between teaching him how to play football (soccer), it looks like they also managed gleam a load of cool from the NYC icon too. They played the tiny Prince Albert pub and blew the roof off.

So, what were your highs (or lows, if you want) of the festival?