The “Fahcking” Amazing Quotes From Adele’s Glastonbury Headline Set

Last night, the Queen of Soul (and basically everything else), Adele, took to the Pyramid stage to play the headline slot at Glastonbury Festival. To use the technical term, it was really “fahcking” good. After inviting a little girl onstage, greeting the crowd with a “Hello”, and changing her lyrics to fit the setting, the singer launched into an ongoing chit chat with the audience between tracks, bringing us some of the best onstage banter ever witnessed at a festival. 100,000 people fell hard for her relatable Tottenham humour, and conveniently for you, we’ve compiled the eighteen most relatable quotes in a handy list.

1. Pointing out a punter in the audience:
“Oh my god you look like Brian Harvey from East 17! You’ve got the same shirt on and everything!”


2. After ‘Hello’:
“This is mad. I’m going straight into another one, my darlings, I don’t know what to say to you yet.”

3. When bringing a ten-year-old onstage:
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, hi! This is the best fucking moment of my whole life!”

4. Telling us what she had for tea:
“Oh my God, I just burped! I had a dirty burger before I came on, that’s why.”


5. On Brexit:
“It’s a bit weird all the stuff that’s going on at the moment, and we all need to look after each other.”

6. When she got the mid-song jitters:
“I might have to start again. I’m a bit out of breath from all that dancing. It’s also an excuse to wipe my sweaty top lip.”

7. Being upfront about her failures:
“Shit I did that wrong. Perfect time to fuck up a song, headlining at Glastonbury.”

8. Describing her ideal Friday night:
“I watched Muse last night, had a Chinese, did some washing up.”

9. Before playing Skyfall:
“I didn’t do a video because I was nine and half months pregnant and about to drop any day. Who wants to do a Bond video if you don’t look like Halle Berry?”

10. Why we had to wait so long for 25:
“It took me a long time to write this album. I mean I had a baby, but I’m also a bit lazy.”

11. On toxic relationships:
“Do you have anyone in your life that you would rather not be in it? I’ve had a lot, hence all my albums.”

12. And getting over your ex:
“Nah Bruv, you live with your mum”

13. Before downing a cider onstage:
“I’ve been dying for my cider. Oh my days, I’m going to have a few.”

14. Worried no one would show up:
“I was literally expecting to come on to a soggy hay bale blowing in the wind.”

15. During the few up-beat tracks:
“After that, it does get miserable. But let’s just be miserable together, alright? Let’s just embrace it because I’m not going anywhere for an hour and a half.”

16. On her “potty mouth”:
“Do you know how rock and roll I am? Not very, but the BBC had to give a warning about my potty mouth before I went on. I bet Muse didn’t get that.”

18. On why the gig was a big deal for her:
“I have had some of the best times of my life on a Saturday night at Glastonbury”

17. Showing the audience her appreciation:
“I have never been so moved by anything in my whole life”