The Horrors at Glastonbury Festival 2011 – Review

Who: The Horrors

Where and when: John Peel Stage, Saturday

Vibe: Pretty game-changing and grasping at the epic. Material from forthcoming album ‘Skying’ meshes beautifully with the stuff from ‘Primary Colours’.


The Horrors at Glastonbury 2011 – full news report and setlist

Best bit: Faris throwing himself about the stage, playing the part of the attention-hogging showman in a way we always knew he could.

Low point: The scrappy sound which buries his vocal.

Banter: Apart from the occasional “thank you”‘s, there’s minimal chat going on. He may be sporting a red leather jacket, but Faris is still a shy goth at heart.

Verdict: From shoegaze to baggy rave, in one beautiful leap.

Rating: 8/10

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