The story of Mallorca Live 2022 – in glorious photos

Mallorca Live brought an eclectic lineup of local heroes and international legends to the Balearic islands for one hell of a party

Last weekend (June 24-26), Mallorca Live celebrated the very best in rising Spanish talent alongside some of the best international acts to ever do it. The result was a celebration bigger than Magaluf has ever seen before.

Rock, rave, pop and indie all came together to sing, dance and bask in the Spanish sunshine, with the likes of Muse, Supergrass, Franz Ferdinand, Christina Aguilera, C. Tangana and Justice providing the perfect soundtrack to this Balearic mega-party. Here’s what went down at Mallorca Live 2022…

Put your hands up for Mallorca

Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Paco Poyato


From the moment the gates open on Friday afternoon, the 28,000-strong crowd are ready to dance.

The fun starts here

Rigoberta Bandini at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Javier Bragado

Nothing starts a party like former Eurovision hopefuls Rigoberta Bandini, who bring a giddy sense of chaos to the festival’s opening day.

C. Tangana shows exactly why he’s such a big deal

C. Tangana. CREDIT: Paco Poyato

Rapper C. Tangana has over 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify and his headline set on the Friday night proved exactly why’s he’s such a big deal. It was warm, passionate, surprising, energetic and emotional – the 90-minute show was a statement of intent from an artist ready to take on the world.

Editors remain a huge draw in Europe – and for good reason

Editors at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Javier Bragado


Editors’ popularity in mainland Europe might seem baffling, until you actually go and see them play. Their brooding, indie anthems remain as intense and powerful as ever.

When the sun goes down

Temples at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Andres Iglesias

Temples’ psychedelic rock sounds gorgeous against another beautiful sunset.

Supergrass are more than ‘Alright’

Supergrass at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Alfredo Martin

The Supergrass reunion shows no signs of slowing down. The band deliver a passionate set of undeniable anthems, as Britpop makes itself at home in Mallorca.

There’s nothing better than a big, ambitious pop spectacle

Christina Aguilera at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Andres Iglesias

Kicking off her European tour at Mallorca Live, Christina Aguilera played all the hits and cuts from her recently-released Spanish-language album ‘La Fuerza’, and spoke about unity, togetherness and the need for pride. What more could you want?

20 years in and Franz Ferdinand just keep getting better

Franz Ferdinand at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Andres Iglesias

The Scottish art-rock band may be celebrating their second decade as a group, but their performance at Mallorca Live is proof that some things get better with age. Indie staples ‘Take Me Out’ and ‘Do You Wanna?’ sound as explosive as ever.

Party until the sun comes up

Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Alfredo Martin

With a full bill of DJs, Mallorca Live is a party that keeps on going until the early hours of the morning, with many punters only calling it a night once the sun comes up.

There’s no slump in energy on the third and final day

Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Xavi Torrent

We’re all desperate to get as close to the action as possible, it seems…

Though there’s still time to chill out

Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Paco Poyato

With a lineup as big, broad and exciting as this, sometimes you need to catch a breath before another night of partying.

Guitarricadelafuente might just be the next global sensation

Guitarricadelafuente at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Javier Bragado

With music as good as this, it won’t be long until Guitarricadelafuente is playing festivals around the world.

Muse remain the ultimate festival band

Matt Bellamy of Muse at Mallorca Live. CREDIT: Andres Iglesias

Pyro, confetti and enough rebellious rock anthems to inspire an uprising, Muse are as reliable a live force as ever but remain surprising and bold. Songs from upcoming ninth album ‘Will Of The People’ give their closing set a newfound focus and make their first-ever show in Mallorca one to remember.

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