The Strokes At Isle Of Wight – First Impressions?

Isle Of Wight has a reputation as being pretty safe and middle-of-the-road – in recent years they’ve had The Rolling Stones, Simple Minds, Neil Young.

The 2010 bash, though, is looking like being one of the more rock n’roll dates in the festival calendar, since it’s being headlined by The Strokes and Jay-Z.

Apparently, bagging The Strokes marks the realisation of a long-held dream for festival organiser John Giddings – he’s been trying to get them ever since IOW was revived in 2002.

“I’ve been chasing The Strokes since I heard the first track of their first album,” says Giddings. “It was such an innovative sound. They deserve NME’s Album Of The Decade award.

“I knew they were making a new album, so I thought I would offer them the opportunity of debuting a few songs. I also helped to get them a special guest band of their choice, from their home town, Blondie. I grew up to the music of Blondie and The Ramones, so it was a no brainer.”

And as for Jay-Z?

“Jay- Z came to mind when I saw him at Wembley Stadium this summer,” explains the festival boss. “His ability to command a rock audience was phenomenal and the Glastonbury (2008) performance is part of festival folklore.

“Now all I need to do now is book the other 44 acts required – but judging by the reaction so far we seem to have one of the best line-ups for the Island. Let’s pray its sunny again…”

So what do you think of the Isle Of Wight line-up so far? Are you tempted? Or will you be opting for Glastonbury/Reading and Leeds/T instead..?