The Vaccines At Glastonbury Festival 2011 – Review

Who: The Vaccines

Where and when: Other Stage, Friday


Vibe: They might have come onstage at the exact time the rain drips became drizzles, but that didn’t stop the foursome’s confident set and also their choice of sunny, colour-blocking choice of clothes.

Best bit: Justin walking down from the stage to get some “face time” with the front row during closer ‘Nørgaard’ was a pretty special moment. However, it was not as good as when ‘If You Wanna’ erupted and the crowd burst into rain-defying mass sing-a-long. Naysayers might have written off The Vacs as “indie landfill” but the way their debut has resonated with the crowd showed that they are much, much better than that.

Low point: The self-censoring of the word “bastard” in ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ for the pre-watershed TV crowd. Not very rock’n’roll…

Banter: Chatty. “Who gives a fuck about the weather, right? Let’s have some fun!” You tell ’em Justin.

Verdict: Confident and strident. This year’s conquering indie heroes are here to stay.

Rating: 7/10

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