These Poor Buggers Are Having A ‘Mare Getting Out Of Glastonbury

Think your Monday morning was tough?

You’ve got nothing on these poor buggers, these beleaguered festival goers who are now embarking on the slow, arduous journey back to real life. They do not particularly want to return to real life. And yet they don’t particularly want to drown in the mud bath that is Glastonbury, either. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. Between a very uncomfortable place and a very boring one.

Brown_sandrah is feeling a bit of a Tolkein-esque vibe

Heading home #glastonbury2016 #glastonbury

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While Sophie doesn’t want to go at all

But Anna would take any sight, any destination, over her current situation

Still, this would beat your overcrowded journey to work, no?

Although this almost certainly would not

This dude has the perfect solution

Though others are putting theirs heads down and ploughing on

Which is skeeving Declan out

Take a leaf out of the cows’ book, Declan

Early morning traffic jam #glastonbury #glastonbury2016 @glastofest

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And although remaining here may seem like an appealing prospect…

… Ashley has everything in perspective

Congratulations, Ashley, you’ve won Glexit.