Things We’ve Learned At Glastonbury – Saturday

1. Dominic West is a lovely chap
‘The Wire’s Jimmy McNulty was the don of the backstage bar, attracting high-fives and ear-to ear grins wherever he went (and he was even kind enough to pose for a picture with us lot). All of which gave rise to speculation that other ‘Wire’ cast members might be onsite. Sadly, reports that Proposition Joe had been spotted bogling to Shlomo turned out to be inaccurate.

2. Bruce Springsteen: whatta guy
Leave aside the thunderous magnificence (and some might say, punishing length) of his headline set. How about guesting onstage with The Gaslight Anthem on the John Peel Stage? This sort of thing just doesn’t happen at Glastonbury: headliners usually arrive late and act aloof. They certainly don’t do favours for baby bands.

What was in it for Bruce? Barely a thousand people were in the tent. No photographers were there to capture it, so not much major press to be garnered. Yet he did it purely as a gesture of goodwill to some starstruck fellow New Jersey-ites. Springsteen: a god among men.

3. Those Michael Jackson jokes aren’t funny anymore
OK, the kiddie-fiddler gags were amusing once. But now? Just days after the guy died? Even the wizened compere on the John Peel Stage was at it, prefacing Little Boots’ performance with a lame “stroke in the children’s ward” quip. No-one laughed. A lot of people booed. The mood soured. Whatever you may think about the outbreak of mawkishness and hollow celebrity tributes sparked by Jacko’s passing, chortling at the dead is Not Cool.

4. The Big Pink are not suited to Glastonbury – especially when it’s sunny
What makes The Big Pink so compelling is the slightly clammy, not-slept-for-days fug that hangs over what they do (in fact, we know singer Robbie Furze didn’t go to bed on Thursday, because he told us). That works in a dank club, with sweat dripping down the walls; it doesn’t work on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Glastonbury when people are wandering around clutching hot dogs and cider.

5. ‘Secret’ gigs are not all they’re cracked up to be
We were just about happy to make the Long March up to Shangri-La to watch Lady GaGa (even if, er, we couldn’t find the actual tent she was supposed to be playing in), but a Saturday night spent watching Africa Express on the understanding that Damon Albarn would show up – he didn’t – was a few hours of our lives that we will never get back.

6. All things considered, we could probably do with getting some sleep now