#GlastoNan Is The Best Glastonbury-Related Thing To Happen Today

Nans. You’ve got to love them. Especially Nans with the internet.

Today’s Best Nan on the Net award goes to one Myra Galloway from Wiltshire. This lovely Nan saw one of her grandkids check in on Facebook at Glastonbury Festival and accidentally posted this only-a-Nan would-send message to the entire Glastonbury Facebook page. Cue, thousands of likes and shares.

Sound advice though Myra, we do all need to remember to take our wellie because the site is already pretty, pretty muddy.

Travellers were this morning warned against setting off for Glastonbury as bad weather caused traffic to bottle-neck at the entrance to the site.

Things have now eased up a little but only after some festival-goers were stuck in traffic for up to nine hours.

This year’s festival sees Brits bagging all three of the headline slots with Muse, Adele and Coldplay being the chosen three. Keep your eyes peeled on the NME Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter accounts for live updates as they happen.