Tom Vek At Leeds 2011 – Review

Who: Tom Vek

Where And When: Festival Republic Stage, Saturday

Vibe: Thomas Timothy Vernon-Kell, AKA Tom Vek, played a well anticipated set to a tent packed with fans of his first and second albums tonight. ‘We Have Sound’ and ‘Leisure Seizure’ both have plenty of hits to pick from and he played a set of all of the best.

Tom Vek

Best Bit: Opening with ‘C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)’. Our 16-year-old selves wouldn’t have known what to do with ourselves.

Low Point: The person behind us who spent the entire set asking their companion, “Who is this anyway? When are The Horrors on?”

Banter: Very little, he stuck to the music with his ‘shy, retiring, indie hero’ kind of style.

Verdict: 8/10. Like Britain’s under-appreciated LCD Soundsystem (Laura Snapes, 2011) – Tom Vek played his first UK festival show of the summer to a packed out tent of true fans. He delivered a show full of old and new hits.

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