V Staffordshire – What We Have Learned

It’s fun at the northern leg of the V Festival. Without the tabloid journalists and the T4 crews and the weekenders who just turn up for the hospitality, the Staffordshire bash is, like, totally about the music dude.

Of course, that also means that nothing much scandalous happens. Girls dance, men wear dresses, everyone drinks Pimm’s and together we discover our inner Katy Perry. And along the way we experience moments of commercial pop/rock enlightenment.

Here’s what we learned:

1. Oasis continue to rock, even when they’re not exactly firing on all cylinders.

2. Noel Gallagher is more generous with the Jamesons on his rider than he really ought to be. Biffy Clyro are very tolerant of the results of this.

3. Not only will Biffy Clyro no doubt be headlining one of these festivals next year, they will also do anything for their fans. They weren’t supposed to be doing the signing tent. They did anyway. Respeck.

4. Katy Perry’s red hot pants are the new Lady GaGa’s flamethrowing tits.

5. MGMT like the Pink Panther. They also like other small furry animals – as this interview with a somewhat distracted Andrew VanWyngarden demonstrates:

6. Taylor Swift might very well be the biggest selling act on Earth, but we’re not having this in our manor, luv.

7. Alesha Dixon is every bit as lovely as she’s supposed to be. It’s not her fault the BBC’s ageist!

8. He may be friends with Kanye (and not like to talk about it), but Mr Hudson wears the exact same jeans as NME’s Matt Wilkinson. Black T-000, £24.99 from Uniqlo.

9. Rhys and Darren from ‘Hollyoaks’ both smoke in real life!

10. This is almost worth missing ‘The X Factor’ for.

I’m Twittering all this by the way. Right here.