Watch An Exclusive Clip From Haunting Tracey Thorn-Scored British Film ‘The Falling’

Written and directed by Carol Morley, sister of former NME journalist Paul, The Falling is a beguiling British film that follows a mysterious fainting epidemic at a girls’ school in 1969. Game Of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams stars as Lydia, the first girl to fall into a strange trance-like state before fainting midway through a routine lesson, while newcomer Florence Pugh makes an impressive screen debut as her charismatic best friend Abbie. In this exclusive clip, we see Lydia and Abbie bonding in the park outside the school to the sound of ‘All The Seasons’, one of several original songs written by Tracey Thorn for the film, before Abbie recites a Wordsworth poem. It’s an intriguing introduction to a captivating and quietly haunting film.

The Falling opens in UK cinemas on April 24. Read the NME review here.