Watch These Lovely Hippies At The Second Ever Glastonbury

The British Film Institute has shared some lovely footage from the second ever Glastonbury Festival – then called the Glastonbury Fair, featuring some lovely fresh faced hippies who seem so very happy about the energy and spirituality that the event offers up. Click below and marvel at a time before glitter and floral headresses and flags with #lolbantz catchphrases.

The year of the second ever Glasto boasted a pretty good line-up – if you’re into folk music and trippy space-rock, that is. Hawkwind, Traffic, Arthur Brown, Melanie, David Bowie – who played at dawn – Joan Baez, Gong, Fairport Convention and the fantastic sounding Tonto’s Expanding Head Band all played and the attendance was a mere 12,000 – which is basically how many people it feels are crammed into Block 9’s NYC Downlow stage at 2am every night. The second festival also saw the first sighting of the Pyramid Stage, which was built out of scaffolding, expanded metal and plastic sheeting and constructed on an ancient leyline. Sounds legit.

The Best Backstage Pics from Glasto 2016

Tickets were free – free! – and the festival even had a feature length film made about it, called Glastonbury Fayre, which Nicolas Roeg directed. You can watch the trailer for that below, if you appetite for lovely hippies from the past has not yet been sated.