What Are You Wearing? The Good, Bad And Mad Of Leeds Festival Fashion

Gingerbread men in lycra hoisted aloft onto shoulders during Alt-J, a Honey Monster battling to keep his big, bobbing football mascot head on while crowd-surfing to The Cribs, and a befuddled Wario and Toad desperately asking revellers if they’d spotted Mario and Luigi after they were separated during Panic! At The Disco. Other notable sights included a bunch of bananas living up to their namesake at Mumford and Sons and a guy in an elaborate harliequin hat and bell-ridden costume who must be the most convincing indie jester since Fred from Spector. Although Bestival has cornered the market in terms of costumes, the campsite crazies were still out in force, adding a last-day-of-term alternate reality feel to the festival. It takes heroic fortitude to remain in a skin-tight morph suit all weekend, as sweat and mud colonise your body, and part of the fun is nobody knows who’s lurking behind that Kick-Ass mask. We spoke to some of Leeds’ most eccentric nutters to have raided the fancy-dress box…

Tat, York (pictured, right)

“Usually, Saturday is fancy-dress day for my mates. We dress up every weekend. I like to think I’m supporting good causes – everything was bought in a charity shop. I came to see Jamie T. He was brilliant, but he didn’t look as good as I do now. At least one man has wanted to have sex with me. I’ve got free drinks out of it!”

Thomas and Becky, Manchester

Thomas: “We wanted to send out peaceful vibes! We’ve been hugging trees and licking bark all day. Increasing the hipness of Leeds by 200 percent. We’ve never dressed up as anything at a festival before – it took us a minute to find all the stuff on Amazon. We won the tickets in a competition, and came up, The best costume we’ve seen all week is a group of bananas, and doing a festival in fancy-dress feels different: it takes you out of yourself.”

Tom, Manchester

“We decided to come dressed as the Pope because of A$AP Ferg. ‘Hood Pope’, isn’t it? He did it! It took us about five minutes to throw together. We’ve probably taken more drugs than the real Pope – though who knows, he’s done a lot of crazy stuff!”

Chris, Huddersfield (pictured, right)

“Why have I decided to come dressed as a bottle of vodka tonight? Because it was cheap! We’ve all come out dressed as superheroes for a friend’s birthday – and vodka gives you the best transformative powers of all! I came to see Limp Bizkit who were amazing, and I’m looking forward to Metallica. It’s so much more fun being in costume. This massive metalhead came up to me and demanded loads of selfies, hugs and high fives. Everybody loves vodka.”

Liam, Huddersfield

“I’m Deadpool, as played by Ryan Reynolds. For all you know, I could be Ryan Reynolds. The Merc with a mouth! Villains are superior to superheroes. I’ve been trying to stay in character all night – killed a few peeps. I’ve had a lot of photos taken by random strangers. It’s going to be a messy night but at least nobody will recognise me the next day. ”

Stacey, Huddersfield (pictured, left)

“It’s my 30th birthday, so we’re all Marvel characters. I don’t want to grow old. For one night only, I’m not going to grow up. We had loads of good reactions. Everybody loves Batman! Everybody wants to have a picture taken with you. I’ve even signed an autograph as Catwoman! If you see us tomorrow, we won’t look as good. I’m keeping the mask on!”

Owen, Birmingham

“I’m dressed as the alien from Toy Story, This is my first ever festival – I’m 19 – and I’m here for the whole weekend. I’ve come to see Jamie T. My friend dared me to wear it, and I can’t refuse a challenge. I’ve only worn it today – I’m not sure it’s going to last two more days. The mask is already starting to come off.”