What Was The Song Of The Summer?

If you’re anywhere near us you’re probably sitting through a complete bucketload of freezing cold rain today, wondering where our half-summer went and why the endless winter needs to begin right now.

So in the spirit of reliving brighter memories and sticking the V at God’s best efforts we’re looking for your song of the summer today. Which track really stood out and lifted you off the ground at a festival this year? What’s the one track that takes you right back to that moment, lying face down in the grass at 8am, wanting the weekend to last forever?

Glasto crowd


For me, Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ is hard to beat, as anyone who squeezed their frame into Reading or Leeds’ Festival Republic tent will testify.

Here’s a few more from the office. Let us know yours below.

Friendly Fires – ‘Hawaiian Air’
Sure, it sounds like an obvious choice for song of the summer, given the title. But frontman Ed Macfarlane dancing around in a Hawaiian print shirt with Hula girls on the Reading Festival stage basically embodied what summer is all about – even amidst the horrible
festival rain. Rebecca Schiller

Niki & The Dove’s ‘Somebody (Drum Machine Version)’ / The-Dream’s ‘Fuck My Brains Out’
Both ridiculously catchy summer anthems that pay homage to The Purple One (that’s Prince to you and me). Priya Elan



Metronomy – ‘The Bay’
Never mind song of the summer, this is the POP HIT of the whole year (and that video!). It’s fast overtaking Hot Chip’s ‘Over And Over’ as my favourite awkward dancing song ever, inducing wonky moves that can even be achieved when up to your arse in mud at Glastonbury. Laura Snapes

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