What’s Your Dream Arcade Fire Setlist?

Arcade Fire are playing their biggest ever UK gig tomorrow night (June 30), bringing Mumford & Sons, Beirut and The Vaccines to the Duke Of Cambridge’s back yard for what might be the best Hyde Park show yet.

Arcade Fire

The band told the magazine this week they’ve got a few surprises planned for the show, and wanted to turn the whole place into a suburb-themed festival, featuring a cinema tent showing the new ‘Scenes From The Suburbs’ film, an arcade tent where you can play retro games like Galaga, and a whiskey tent.

While they’ve kept tight-lipped over the planned running order, this is what they ran through in France yesterday, according to Setlist.fm:

‘Ready to Start’
‘Keep the Car Running’
‘Neighborhood #2 (Laika)’
‘No Cars Go’
‘Empty Room’
‘Vampire/Forest Fire’
‘The Suburbs’
‘Month of May’
‘Rebellion (Lies)’
‘We Used to Wait’
‘Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)’
‘Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)’
‘Wake Up Play’
‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’

What would your ideal setlist be? How should they start, straight in with a massive track like ‘Keep The Car Running’ or somewhat slower, allowing you time to ease into the set and find the best spot, perhaps with ‘Speaking In Tongues’. Or would that be better saved until later, maybe with a guest appearance from David Byrne? ‘Ready To Start’ makes sense, and is indeed the track they’ve been opening with of late. It would be nice to see some of their less well-aired but equally epic tracks get an outing too, from ‘My Body Is A Cage’ to their debut LP’s ‘Crown Of Love’.

Covers? The band have taken on everyone from The Clash (‘Guns Of Brixton’) to Jay Reatard over the years, via the Rolling Stones, Cyndi Lauper, and this little number. Could we see a surprise this week? ‘Halo’ perhaps?

And how about an ending? Happy with the likeliest option (‘Wake Up’ and a million balloons) or got a better idea? Let us know.