What’s Your Ultimate Glastonbury Moment?

Glastonbury 2011 is almost here, and apart from doing our best to make ourselves entirely waterproof with an intricate system of wellies, bin bags and duct tape, we’ve been looking back at some of the most legendary moments from Worthy Farm, like this one:

Whether you’re a fan of Arcade Fire’s 2007 performance, Flaming Lips’ confetti and onstage shenanigans from last year, or something from a bit further back – you can vote for them all in our poll here.

Take a look at this brilliant Pixies performance from 1989:


With Coldplay, U2 and Beyonce headlining this year, there’s sure to be some memorable moments from the bash to add to the list of best Glasto moments ever – whether that involves any cheesy air punches from Bono remains to be seen.

So head to the voting page to let us know your favourites from years past and leave a comment below to let us know if we’ve missed a corker.

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