Why Eminem Will Own T In The Park

‘Recovery’ sees Marshall Mathers back at his very best, and, as he headlines T, it’s time to bask in his brilliance once again, says long-time admirer Tinie Tempah

Eminem’s new album sold 750,000 copies in one week. That’s a crazy amount – especially when it’s not your debut album, and when your last album wasn’t really all that. It’s an amazing thing, actually, and it clearly shows that Eminem’s still relevant. ‘Recovery’ let everyone know that he’s back, and now it feels like he never even left us.


I think for me, what makes Em so special is the fact he’s so unique. Rap and hip-hop have always been celebrated and acknowledged as black music, but Eminem was the first rapper in a long time who came along and did it just as well – if not better – than those other guys.

There are a lot of things that make him so different to his peers. He doesn’t fit the stereotypes of your average rapper… the girls and the bling or whatever. He’s completely different to all that. He comes on to the stage and literally rips the place to pieces! Obviously, he’s always surrounded by a lot of controversy, like nitpicking with his mum and his girlfriend, and his daughter, who he loves more than anything in the world. But that stuff is what’s kept the attention of the world, and he’s emphasised it in his music.

With Eminem, it’s endless. He never ceases to amaze every time when he brings out a record. Admittedly, even I wasn’t really sure about ‘Relapse’, but everything else he’s done apart from that has been absolutely amazing. I think ‘Recovery’ is really good. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been touring so I haven’t really had the opportunity to properly get my head around it, but there are some amazing tunes on there. I think he’s definitely got it back now, and obviously the public have clearly forgiven him too (I mean, 750,000 copies!).

I really like the fact that as a musician, he came out when things were bad and was like, ‘You know what? Fuck the ‘Relapse’ album, it was shit! I was on drugs, so forget about it – I’m gonna make another one in about half the time and bring it out just to fucking erase that monstrosity!’ He’s done that and I take my hat off to him.

I read a few of his interviews recently where he said that touring is something he’s been out of for a little while, so I think T In The Park is gonna be a really big thing for him. I couldn’t ever say anything bad about Em, though, so obviously based on his back catalogue people haven’t got anything to worry about! I mean, Eminem’s got a pretty extensive history, you know?! I don’t know how he’ll have prepared for T, but I have no doubt it’s gonna be absolutely amazing.

This article appears in the July 10th edition of NME, which is out now