Why T In The Park Is The World’s Best Festival

T In The Park takes place this weekend (July 9-11). The View’s Kyle Falconer is a veteran of the festival

T’s always been the best festival because it’s full of patriotic Scots. I never realised the difference between this festival and the other festivals in the UK until I started playing at them.

The sun here just makes everybody really upbeat, it has the best bands and it’s just shit hot. We’ve been there almost every year. We’ve played the King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent twice and both times it’s been great. It was like playing the same show over and over again but just with a different set of tunes.

You can always see a few people at the front when you come out onstage but when they put the lights on you’re like, Fucking hell. The first time we played there were 10,000 people and then the second time there were 42,000. But we’re on the main stage this year so it should be the biggest crowd we’ve ever played to.

I always remember the first time we played the T-Break Stage too, back in 2006, and we never knew what to expect. It was the first time we’d been in the NME so when we saw the crowd we couldn’t believe it. We never realised anyone outside of Dundee knew the words so it was brilliant because everybody knew every word to every tune.

The View’s crowd at T In The Park 2006

What I love about this festival too is that everyone is really nice as pie and they’re just glad to be here. There’s never any trouble.

Have the T crowd been the most supportive over the years? Definitely, yeah. They’ve always been the best crowd for us. Without a doubt.