Your Essential Guide To Watching Saturday At Glastonbury 2015 From Home

Saturday is upon us at Worthy Farm, and thanks to good people at the BBC, streaming their usual hours and hours of footage of Glastonbury again this year, there’s plenty to tuck into for people at home as well as the music fans on site. With some hotly anticipated performances to come today, here’s your guide to the sets you simply have to tune into at home…

Courtney Barnett, 12.10, Pyramid Stage

Aussie Courtney Barnett brings her brand of cerebral Australian slacker blues to the Pyramid Stage not long after midday. Her laconic wit and wisdom might be just the thing you need to spark your brain awake when Saturday comes. Breakout single ‘Avant Gardener’ will start a singalong. Recent single ‘Pedestrian At Best’ might just spark a riot. She’s got just the right jangles and good time vibes for Glastonbury so you can expect her to slay it.


Death From Above 1979, 19:35 – 20:35, John Peel Stage

Despite having been plying their pounding-rock trade for more than a decade now (minus the break-up period) the Canadian duo have never played Worthy Farm before. If you like your rock music with a bit more bite, then this is one for you. Along with Motorhead they’re probably one of the more ferocious bookings Glastonbury have made for 2015. With decisions still unmade about future music between Jess F. Keeler and Sebastien Grainger, it may also be one the final times to watch them. Who knows?

The Maccabees, 19:05 – 20:05, Other Stage

Arriving at Worthy Farm on the heels of an accomplished new album, ‘Marks To Prove It’, tireless hard-workers The Maccabees have spent years slowly inching up the bill at Glastonbury. Tonight should see them further mark out their territory at the festival, in a prime time slot on the Other Stage. That album’s title track is a festival anthem in making and could very well bring about one of the biggest frenzies of the weekend when they unleash it on fans. Don’t miss.

Sleaford Mods, 15:00 – 15:40, John Peel Stage


Mention the name Glastonbury to some people and they’ll immediately think of hippies, free love in the mud and free haircuts and crystal therapy in the healing fields. So it’ll be interesting to see how the misanthropy of Sleaford Mods plays out on the John Peel Stage at 3pm on Saturday. Not only will Jason Williamson be raging against his own penury and Colonel Sanders’ chicken shops, but Sleafords will also be coming on right after Slaves, who they have considerable beef with (they recently said “Slaves are ripping us off” and described them as “a pile of shit”.) You never know, both bands might have a bit of a wrestle at the end of it all.

Kanye West, 22:15 – 23:45, Pyramid Stage

“It could be the greatest show of all time!” said Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl about Kanye West’s forthcoming Saturday night Pyramid Stage headline slot, “or it could be a fucking disaster”. Indeed there hasn’t been a show at Worthy Farm for many years – or maybe ever – that has been both so feverishly anticipated and campaigned against, and the best thing about it is that nobody knows what’s going to happen. The self-proclaimed “number one rockstar on the planet” will get his chance on Saturday night to prove to the world just that, and as Grohl said, the petition set up to topple him from the bill “is only fueling Kayne’s fucking fire”. Strap in for a guest-packed, all-guns-blazing hip-hop show for the ages.

Suede, 22:35 – 23:45, John Peel Stage

Blur may have come back with a cracking album this year and wowed Hyde Park, but their old nemeses Suede proved in 2013 with ‘Bloodsports’ that it was possible to reform and record new music that wouldn’t take a massive dump on their legacy (this was no foregone conclusion before then). Better still, the Haywards Heath Britpop progenitors proved they were still sensational live, with Brett Anderson as magnetic, energetic and godlike as he was in their ’90s pomp. And then there are the much loved songs… ‘Animal Nitrate’, ‘Trash’, ‘Metal Mickey’, ‘The Drowners’, ‘Beautiful Ones’ and so on… and if you’re really lucky they might even play ‘Stay Together’. Tune in.