Five ’90s bands with ace tees you can buy right now

Green Day

Green Day came to define ’90s punk with ‘Dookie’, their third album and a break-through hit eventually shifting 20 million copies.

Basket Case was such a smash that anyone who was alive in the ’90s will struggle not to finish off the rest of lyrics if you say to them: ‘Do you have the time to listen to me whine?’


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Nirvana’s first appearance on The Word in ’91 (yes there were tellies back then) was the moment when grunge arrived in the UK. The live performance of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is still as fresh, angry and exciting as it ever was.

We’ve included the clip above if you’d like a trip down memory lane. We should warn you though, there are some criminal ’90s haircuts in the audience.


Sadly we couldn’t find the uncut version where before he starts to play, Kurt says that Courtney Love is ‘the best f*ck in the world’

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Beastie Boys

Could Sabotage have one of the best opening riffs of the ’90s? 14 seconds of rage before Ad Rock’s vocals kick in. The track was an international smash that gave the Beastie Boys a new generation of fans.

They even got Spike Jonze to direct the video, an homage to ’70s cop shows with the band members pretending to be actors – MCA got play two roles for some reason.

The long cut of the video included a man falling off a bridge which was considered too much for MTV at the time and had to be edited out. Harsh.

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Biggie Smalls A.K.A. The Notorious B.I.G

The Notorious B.I.G had a sadly short career after he was tragically shot in a drive-by in Los Angeles, California 20 years ago.

His influences are still being felt today, with the likes of Eminem and Jay Z quoting his lyrics.

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Fat guitar riffs, catchy melodies and clever lyrics. Weezer are the sort of band that most musicians inspire to be. They were so cool they even survived having a copy of Buddy Holly being packaged with every copy of Windows 95 on CD.

Undone (The Sweater Song) is a certified ’90s classic. The video was shot by Spike Jonze and the original pitch was, ‘A blue stage, a steadicam, a pack of wild dogs.’

The video is shot all in one take, and it took 25 attempts to get it right. It was a take between 18 and 20 which became the final version, which is why some of the band in the video don’t appear to be giving it their all.

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