The funniest reactions to Pepsi’s controversial Kendall Jenner advert

“Kendall please, give him a Pepsi!”

Where were you before the world changed? When violence, harm and suffering were rife around the world. When millions of lives were lost in catastrophic global events. Do you remember?

It’s difficult to think back to a BKJ (Before Kendall Jenner) existence, prior to the world peace and harmony and mass outpourings of kindness caused when she handed a can of Pepsi to a police officer. Not only did everybody “Join the Oconversation.” The guards stood down. Police brutality was no more. Global injustice ended in an instant.


The Internet has exploded with reactions to Pepsi’s unbelievably misguided, ‘tone deaf’ new advert, in which Kendall Jenner leaves a model photoshoot, joins a protest, smears off her lipstick in order to ‘get real’, picks out a can of Pepsi that’s for some reason lying around in an ice box (never start a protest without some refreshments) and limply hands said Pepsi to a police officer. He gives a knowing ‘maybe we shouldn’t teargas these fuckers’ look to his fellow officers, and a previously irate photographer makes sure she captures Jenner’s passing of the Pepsi, thus creating the most iconic protest photograph since Tank Man boldly stepped in front of tanks in Beijing.

Clearly, all it took was a can of Pepsi to solve a crisis. And as a result, a new meme has emerged, begging Kendall to please give these brutal police officers a god damn Pepsi.

Others have responded in slightly less bleak terms, attempting to imagine how on Earth this concept was ok’ed by so many marketing heads.


Try and envisage this being conceived during the Mad Men age of advertising.

Some have pointed out how The Chemical Brothers already thought this up decades ago.

But at least it’s good to know we finally have a catch-all solution for every problem.

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