Glastonbury 2017 revellers have been stuck queueing for hours in record-breaking heat

Early risers are still waiting to enter Worthy Farm

There’s nothing quite like being first through the Glastonbury gates. Acres of land to choose from when pitching your tent, getting an early glimpse of the Pyramid Stage, catching sight of Worthy Farm before it becomes home to another 100,000 people. But turning up a good day before everyone else doesn’t guarantee early entry. Some punters slept in their cars last night (June 20), woke up at the crack of dawn, joined the queue, and they’re still waiting to be let in.

Festival-goers were told in advance to pack light for 2017, amid heightened security measures. Upon entrance, sniffer dogs trained to detect explosives are checking bags, and police are on hand to assist with searches. “For security reasons, all ticket holders will be subject to extra searches of their vehicles, their bags and their person at this year’s festival,” the festival said on its website. “This will make entrance slower than in previous years. Please be patient if there are queues, and please cooperate with any security requests and all searches.”

Those sleeping outside the gates overnight woke at the crack of dawn to a stunning sunrise.


By 9am, the Eavis family arrived on site to welcome revellers into Worthy Farm. The gates were open – it was time to stop snoozing on a camping bag, rise up and march onwards.

By this point, queues at nearest train station Castle Carey were already at a standstill. Punters had been travelling in from all over the country.


Security this year is being extra vigilant, in the wake of tragic terrorist attacks at London’s Borough Market, Manchester Arena and Finsbury Park. For extra safety, sniffer dogs were checking randomly-selected bags for potential explosives.

Glastonbury 2017, queue

By the time the gates opened, some had been exposed to the 30-degree sun for over four hours, and a handful already required medical attention. Coinciding with the summer solstice, today (June 21) coincides with June’s hottest day since 1976.

Everyone knows it’ll be worth it once they’re through the gates. But some are beginning to wonder if they have the patience to withstand this endless, mother of all queues.

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But left to their own devices, patient punters have been having some fun. When you’re stood in the baking sun, weighed down by a ton of camping gear, there’s only one thing to do: Chant Jeremy Corbyn’s name to the tune of The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’. The Labour leader will be making a special Glastonbury appearance this year, when he introduces Run the Jewels on stage.

Workers arriving on site were also getting in on the Corbyn Fever.

Getting through those elusive gates is a euphoric experience. Sweet, sweet relief.

Glastonbury 2017, queue

But if you’re en route right now, don’t expect to breeze through. This could be the longest wait to get into Glastonbury ever.

The festival has since issued advice for those stuck in queues, plus tips on how to stay cool and hydrated.

Glastonbury 2017 takes place from today (June 21) until Sunday (June 25). It’s being headlined by Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran.