Planet of the apes – a guide to the guests on the new Gorillaz album

Gorillaz are back, and it’s all we can think about. Here’s how your favourite cartoon band made an almighty return

Gorillaz new album ‘Humaz’ is just around the corner. It’s one of the most hotly-anticipated albums of the year – not least because of the galaxy of stars that guest. Here’s a run-down of the many awesome guests that Damon Albarn invited on to the record.

Vince Staples

Who? US rap king and Odd Future collaborator
Guest song: ‘Ascension’
Key track: ‘Norf Norf’

Peven Everett


Who? Smooth and slick R&B funk-lord from Chicago
Guest song: ‘Strobelite’
Key track: ‘Stuck’


Who? Jamie xx and Drake reggae fusion extraordinaire
Guest song: ‘Saturnz Barz’
Key track: ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times’ (with Jamie xx and Young Thug)

De La Soul

Who? True originators and hip-hop veterans
Guest song: ‘Momentz’
Key track: ‘Me Myself and I’

Danny Brown


Who? The most unique Detroit rap export since Eminem
Guest song: ‘Submission’
Key track: ‘Ain’t It Funny’


Who? Genre-bending R&B queen with fans including Bjork and Solange
Guest song: ‘Submission’
Key track: ‘Rewind’

Grace Jones

Who? Androgynous icon, musical visionary and Bond girl badass
Guest song: ‘Charger’
Key track: ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’


Who? Rapper who ‘Does Real Ass Music’
Guest song: ‘Andromeda’
Key track: ‘Broccoli’

Anthony Hamilton

Who? Grammy-winning soul man who you may remember from the ‘Django Unchained’ soundtrack
Guest song: ‘Carnival’
Key track: ‘Freedom’

Mavis Staples

Who? A heaven-sent soul music veteran
Guest song: ‘Let Me Out’
Key track: ‘I’ll Take You There’

Pusha T

Who? Formerly of Clipse, now burning up the road to rap glory on his own terms
Guest song: ‘Let Me Out’
Key track: ’Drug Dealers Anonymous’ (with Jay Z)

Jamie Principle

Who? A hero of Chicago house
Guest song: ‘Sex Murder Party’
Key track: ‘Your Love’

Zebra Katz

Who? Purveyor of the darker, more alternative side of rap
Guest song: ‘Sex Murder Party’
Key track: ‘Ima Read’ (with Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Kali Uchis

Who? Singer, producer, director, pop renaissance woman
Guest song: ‘She’s My Collar’
Key track: ‘Rush’

Benjamin Clementine

Who? Mercury-winning French piano troubadour
Guest song: ‘Hallelujah Money’
Key track: ‘Cornerstone’

Jehnny Beth

Who? Fearless French punk and singer of Savages
Guest song: ‘Got The Power’
Key track: ‘Fuckers’

Noel Gallagher

Who? He was in Oasis once, who you may have heard of…
Guest song: ‘We Got The Power’
Key track: ‘The Importance Of Being Idle’

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